MMJ Card Renewal

Every medical patient who is using medical marijuana or is seeking a health solution in the herb is aware of the importance of a doctor’s recommendation in Roseville. In every state with legal medical marijuana, access to the herb is limited to people with a recommendation.

But, along with a recommendation, a beginner must also understand the need and importance of MMJ card renewal. Because getting a recommendation may give you access to cannabis but it won’t last forever. You must get an annual renewal to keep using the herb.

But, what exactly is the need for renewal? Is it more than just easy access to cannabis? Well, let’s figure it out.

Legal Reasons

First of all, you need to get an MMJ card renewal because the law asks you to do so. Every state has a medical marijuana program that is basically responsible for creating and employing laws to supervise the sale and use of cannabis. The city of Roseville falls under the jurisdiction of the California medical marijuana program.

One of the important laws of marijuana in Roseville is regarding the renewal of the MMJ card. Every recommendation or card, written by a certified doctor for a qualified patient is valid only for a certain period of time. In Roseville, the time period for which an MMJ card is valid is 1 year. The expiration date is clearly mentioned on the card.

Now, to be able to keep using medical cannabis legally and be safe from any legal complications, you need to get a renewal before the expiration date.

Health Benefits

Besides the legal laws, the renewal process is also necessary for your health. Renewal of a medical card works similar to a medical prescription renewal. However, in this case, your medication is cannabis.

Now, when you are using cannabis for medical purposes, you need to be updated with your health and wellness. And generally, like any other medications, you need to meet up with the doctor after a certain period of time to learn if the treatment works or if you need to make any changes.

With medical marijuana, you meet up with a doctor after every year to go through an evaluation process and get your recommendation renewed to continue using the herb if it benefits you.

Exclusive Advantages

Getting your medical card renewed allows you to continue experiencing the advantages that are only applicable to people with a valid recommendation or medical card. Here are a few exclusive advantages you will experience in Roseville:

Higher limits

Compared to recreational cannabis, medical cannabis consumers enjoy the benefits of leverage in the restrictions. For starters, the legal age is 18 years for medical cannabis and 21 for recreational consumers. In fact, minors can use cannabis too with a valid recommendation and a legal caregiver. You can possess up to 8 times more cannabis with a medical card than a person without it.

Additionally, you can grow cannabis at your home for your personal use without any legal restrictions. And If your condition requires more than the limit of 6 mature or 12 immature plants, you can always apply for a grower’s license and get the legal right to grow up to 99 plants (only after the doctor’s approval).

Traveling With Cannabis

If you are hoping to travel anywhere within the state boundaries, you can use your recommendation or card to keep a small amount of cannabis with you too. But remember, the card works only if it’s valid which means renewed on time. Also, the leverage may not be applicable if you are traveling interstate because the area comes under federal jurisdiction and cannabis is still illegal at the federal level.

Easy Access

As long as you have a valid medical card, you can enter any legal dispensary in the city as well as the state and buy the product you need. There are no restrictions on potency or access.

Money Savings

A valid card can get you special discounts on cannabis in legal dispensaries. Apart from that, you can always save money when buying cannabis as the law exempts every medical cannabis user with a card from paying the sales and use tax.

This law is applicable in Roseville and every other city of the state of California.

We can pretty conclusively say that getting an MMJ card renewal is necessary and also beneficial for medical patients. So, if your recommendation or card is nearing its expiration date, you need to get a renewal to keep enjoying the benefits that come along with it.

How to Get an MMJ Card Renewal in Roseville?

Getting a renewal is not rocket science. It’s especially easy since you have already gone through the process of getting a recommendation.

At the moment, the best option for renewal would be telemedicine. At Roseville Medicine 420 doctor, you can easily apply for a medical card renewal through a HIPAA compliant platform using a few simple steps:

  • Fill the prequalification form.
  • Connect with a doctor via video call for an evaluation.
  • Once the doctor approves, receive your renewed recommendation via email.

It’s that simple! Just remember to reach out 30 days prior to the expiration day on your recommendation and you will be able to get a renewal online and within 24 hours. It’s safe, easy and very convenient.