Let’s face it, the nuances associated with cannabis laws have very little to do with your rights as a marijuana user. The federal status makes it impossible for people to get their heads around what is legal and what is not. If you look at the existing laws, the loopholes should not come as a surprise to you. Even states with a legal status arrest poor souls and charge them or send them to jail for possession of little amounts of marijuana. 

Moreover, with CBD companies taking a massive foothold in the cannabis market, it is not easier to recognize whether marijuana is illegal or not. More vitally, skincare businesses and clothing brands are coming up with their own range of CBD induced products. This also indicates that no one in their right mind would think about cannabis or CBD as an illegal substance. That’s why in this article we will try to answer the question as clearly as possible. Although keep in mind that cannabis laws vary across states. So, don’t forget to check-in with your state laws before getting 420 evaluations in Roseville or some other area. That said, let’s dive in and find out what is happening with cannabis legalization in the United States. 

Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana is recreationally legal in states such as California, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Michigan, Illinois, Washington state, and Washington D.C. This means that if you reside in these states you can walk up to a cannabis dispensary or order cannabis products online as long as you’re 21 years of age or older. You don’t need an MMJ card or certification and neither any medical documentation to avail of cannabis products from the nearest cannabis stores.  

However, as a cannabis user, you have to take note of a few things. For instance, you are technically allowed to use cannabis in Michigan but the state does not have cannabis dispensaries yet. Also, you can possess cannabis legally but you cannot go inside a store and purchase cannabis without a medical marijuana card. 

What’s More

In addition, when it comes to consuming cannabis, the rules in some states are stringent while in other states are lax. Public smoking is prohibited just like you can’t drink alcohol in public. Although some states may allow you to consume cannabis in a recreational or medical dispensary. Also, if you ever get caught by police in any of these states while driving under the influence of cannabis you might have to face the consequences. So, make sure that you treat cannabis like alcohol and consume it within the confines of your home. 

Medical Marijuana 

Let’s look at the status of medical cannabis now. Well, medical marijuana is legal in another 23 US states. These states are as follows: 










New Mexico


New Jersey

New York


New Hampshire 

Rhode Island




North Dakota


West Virginia

In these states, you have to get 420 evaluations. Just like 420 evaluations in Roseville and, in some states you will also be required to register yourself as a medical marijuana patient through a state medical cannabis program. For the same, all you need is a state qualifying medical condition, MMIC, and you will be able to avail of medical cannabis from the dispensaries. Although don’t forget to check with your state rules and regulations like we mentioned before. Some states are still listed as “non-operational” and medical marijuana is not legal for use. Confusing right? So, make sure that you get a medical marijuana card before getting yourself in trouble. 

What About CBD? 

CBD is legal in the United States, but here’s one trick. Only CBD derived from hemp with less than or equal to 0.3% THC is legal. This means that you will need a medical cannabis card for the purchase of CBD products with more than 03% THC content. Unfortunately, the legal aspects of the Farm Bill and the recent DEA rule make things even more complicated. So, as far as legalization is concerned until cannabis is illegal on the federal level, you have to comply with both the states and federal cannabis laws.