Medical Cannabis

Are you looking for a new power booster? Forget your powder or drink, and choose a flower! A lot of people now smoke cannabis before or after their workout session (most often both). The reason behind this is that cannabis makes their sessions more fun and enjoyable. Cannabis can help in managing pain and help in recovering faster. In fact, chronic pain is the most common symptom for which people use medical cannabis. You can talk to a 420 doctor in Roseville to learn about all the medical benefits of cannabis.

Now, there’s a misconception about cannabis that it makes people lazy and silly. That’s why it becomes hard for some people to believe that it can, in fact, be beneficial for workouts. The truth is that cannabis can actually provide you the boost you are looking for. It can enhance your healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the choice of cannabis strain. You need to find the right cannabis strain to get the right effects at the right time.

A 2016 study in the American Journal of Addictions shows, cannabis was the second most commonly used drug after alcohol. See, you need to understand that consuming cannabis won’t give you some kind of special strength. It won’t make you stronger or faster, but it can help some other aspects of your workout. The two main compounds present in cannabis plants, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), have certain properties that can help you. It has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and muscle-relaxing effects that can alleviate muscle soreness, arthritic joint pain, and muscle spasms. This helps athletes to return to intense workouts faster as they start to feel better faster thanks to cannabis. Confused? Don’t worry, here’s how cannabis can be beneficial for exercise.

Pairing cannabis and exercise is beneficial for you

You just read about some of the properties of cannabis that can be beneficial for your mental and physical health. These properties may enhance your workout sessions. And one of the best parts about consuming cannabis before your workout is that it increases the enjoyment of some of the activities. This is especially beneficial during repetitive motions such as lifting or running. It stimulates the feel-good receptors of the brain that mimic endorphins. This produces a boost, which is similar to a “runner’s high.” This helps in enhancing your motivation and endurance while you are working out.

Cannabis also offers calming effects that help in relieving pre-workout or performance anxiety. This can help you in getting in the zone, focusing on form, and training smarter. Cannabis also helps in suppressing pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This further gives you a push to get through the burn of a strenuous workout. Also, there are certain strains that you can use after your workout to relax. These strains also help in reducing the pain of sore muscle, getting good quality sleep, and recovering faster.

Now that you know how cannabis can be beneficial for workouts. Let’s look at how you can work it into your workout. 

Are you not feeling motivated enough for the day’s training? Use cannabis for a boost of motivation

Yes, contrary to what many people think, cannabis is not all about laziness. As I said earlier, it’s all about the cannabis strain you are using. There are various cannabis strains that can help in boosting your motivation to exercise. The study from UC Boulder shows 50 percent of people who smoke cannabis before workout felt it helped them increase their motivation to exercise. Anecdotal evidence shows that THC can be very helpful if consumed before the workout session.

So, you can say goodbye to the lazy stoner stereotype. Research says that THC can actually induce the feeling of runner’s high. Here’s how it works – when you exercise, it activates your endocannabinoid receptors that create the euphoric feeling. Now, the cannabinoids present in cannabis also interact with these receptors and activate them. This is why THC is able to create an artificial runner’s high. This makes you crave for more of this feeling, hence you tend to feel motivated for a run.

Use THC for repetitive, long workouts

Athletes say that consuming before their workout sessions help them with endurance. And while you might think that smoking can be harmful, most athletes consume cannabis via an extract or edible. You just read about artificial runner’s high in the previous point. So, when you consume THC right before your workout, you amplify that feeling. Along with this combination of exercise and THC, you also get the benefits of pain-relieving properties of cannabis. It is a lot easier to work out if your muscles are not hurting.

Some research also shows that cannabis can cause bronchodilation and may help you deal with asthma induced because of exercise. It can also help in enhancing muscle relaxation and increasing your focus. It also alters your perception of time helping you complete your dull stationary bike session.

It’s better to say no to THC for heavy or complicated workouts

You need to learn when it is important to stay sober. THC also has its downsides. Some studies show that THC can diminish the strength and speed. It can also affect your coordination, judgment, spatial perception, and assessment of risk. This is definitely not what you need when you are lifting heavy weights or doing a complicated workout. Any activity that requires motor control and mental acuity should be done sober. These can be HIIT, lifting, climbing, or outdoor cycling.

Use it for your long runs or rides

Yes, you consume THC when going for long runs or rides. THC can help you with low-risk endurance exercise. But getting high before every workout is not right. Using THC daily in high amounts can make you dependent or additive to it. Even if you may not get addicted to it, you will most certainly build a tolerance to it. In other words, you would need to consume more and more THC to feel the same effect. I don’t have to tell you that this can increase your chances of dependency. 

Remember to start low and slow

If you are thinking of trying getting high before your workout, do that on a day when you have to train less. It can be a bit difficult for you to complete your workout session if you are too high. Also, cannabis affects everyone in a different way because of the unique endocannabinoid system. 

You need to understand that your goal is to enhance your workout, not to just get high. You should use the least amount of cannabis required to get the desired results. This is the most important thing that you should remember. Try to use a strain that has the balance of CBD and THC levels, and THC levels are below 15 percent. CBD can even help in offsetting the negative effects of consuming too much THC.