Medical Marijuana Card

The use of cannabis has been in several cultures for centuries- in Chinese, Romans, and Ancient Greeks. Widely used for both medical and recreational purposes, it is equally popular among Californians.

As marijuana is recreationally available, people tend to skip getting a medical marijuana card. But, these cannabis consumers forget to figure that not getting a medical marijuana card makes them miss out on a bunch of perks. It includes paying lower prices, able to get higher quantities, a varied age limitation, and certain legal protection. So, it is pretty evident that differences between medical and recreational marijuana are too intensive and prominent.

Many marijuana doctors have had patients asking them questions like, “What is the use of a medical marijuana card if it is legal to get marijuana? So, let us unearth the reasons why you should have a medical marijuana card.

Reasons to Have a Medical Marijuana Card in Roseville

Even though marijuana is pretty accessible to everyone now. There are some great and compelling reasons for the patients needing medical marijuana, provided they have a medical condition qualifying for the same. Here are five reasons to have a medical marijuana card in Roseville.

It Will Save You a Lot of Money

If you have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, then an MMJ card definitely helps you save a lot of money. The cost to get a medical marijuana card in a certain state varies from $40 to $60 which is good to go for two years. And, to get the card renewed, the cost is about $40.

So, when you decide to get a medical marijuana card, then you need to see a physician and get a recommendation for a medical marijuana card. Visit a nearby doctor or book online consultation to get the verification from the doctor. Along with all these, you also need to submit the medical marijuana card application form to the state.

How are you saving money? The savings can be witnessed when you purchase products. Recreational marijuana is priced with 10% more excise taxes and above 6% sales tax- that 16% tax in total. On the other hand, medical patients do not have to pay this extra 10% tax. In comparison and long run, it seems that medical marijuana is better and cheaper than recreational marijuana. With every purchase, medical marijuana users can save about 30-40%.

Medical Products are Safer and Cleaner

Did you know that medical marijuana is comparatively safe and clean? Recreational marijuana or the ones sold in the black market are mixed with additives to increase the quantity and earn more profit. And, thus they end up causing more harm than any sort of good to your medical condition.

When it comes to medical marijuana, proper tests and safety requirements are met in order to serve the people. And, as a consumer, one can get information about the potency of the marijuana and various content of cannabinoids or terpenes. Also, it informs about the heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, solvents, and other microbial toxins in the product.

Another point to note is that the tests for recreational and medical marijuana are different. For instance, the microbial content in recreational marijuana can be ten times more than that of medical marijuana.

A Card Lends Credibility and Legitimacy

Medical marijuana offers credibility and legitimacy to the patients suffering from chronic medical conditions. Of course, the patients do not look to get high in particular, they are just seeking some harmless alternatives to the over-the-counter medicines for their chronic illness. To put it bluntly, medical marijuana does not have the potential to kill like opioid-loaded medicines. And, the former has no adverse side effects.

A marijuana card offers credibility to the ones who are literally using it for treating their medical illness. People are inclined to judge cannabis users- they are thought to be “doing drugs”. With a legitimate state-approved medical marijuana card, one can easily put some judgments to rest without much to say.

Diverse Range of Choices

When it comes to potency and types of cannabis, there are oodles of options to choose from in the case of medical marijuana. The marijuana patients have access to several strains of cannabis in order to meet their medical requirements. Also, the medical marijuana card offers the patients better, legal, and cheaper strains compared to those recreational ones. Moreover, the edibles in the case of recreational marijuana are limited, unlike medical marijuana.

Easy and Convenient Access

The number of stores or outlets offering recreational marijuana is less, as the state limits the number for those. Also, it is possible that certain states do not have laws on recreational use or adult use of marijuana. This, in turn, makes accessing your need for the product a little difficult. There are a few states that honor the out-of-state cards making it easier for patients to get hands-on their need for medical marijuana. However, some laws restrict travelers, or some are medical-only states.

Having a qualifying condition for medical marijuana? Then, this is a no-brainer. You must get a medical marijuana card for yourself after consulting a certified health care professional. It is always best to look for alternatives that serve more benefits and no to least side effects. Medical marijuana is clearly the ideal choice for those looking for clean, safe, and inexpensive marijuana products.