Cannabis Legalization

CBD continues to get more publicity for its therapeutic advantages. Moreover, most cannabis products have received immense recognition in the past few years. All thanks to people who believe in the power of medical marijuana, patients who register themselves for a medical cannabis card every year, and states legalizing cannabis rapidly. 

From the past few years, cannabis doctors and patients using medical marijuana advocate cannabis as a natural alternative to opioids and other medicines. In fact, states have a list of qualifying conditions for which cannabis patients can use medical marijuana. While in the past, cannabis was surrounded by a series of stigmas, it’s now recognized for its therapeutic benefits. With cannabis becoming popular each day and states supporting legalization, many experts have analyzed that there’s a drop in alcohol use in the US. 

In this article, we will talk about how cannabis popularity has overshadowed alcohol usage. We will also explore why most Americans are choosing medical and recreational cannabis over alcohol. Let’s begin! 

Marijuana Vs Alcohol

Both alcohol and cannabis fall under the controversial category. We have seen several debates, opinions, and scientific research regarding both these substances in the past few years. However, things get quite complicated when people start exploring the legal aspects of cannabis.

Statistics reveal that over 80,000 people in the US die due to alcohol every year. With such figures, it perhaps becomes easier to understand why cannabis enthusiasts fight for legalization on both state and federal levels. While alcohol is used to boost the mood and have a nice time, if taken excessively and regularly it can prove fatal or lead to liver damage. Also, when we place cannabis alongside alcohol, so far we haven’t seen death rates increasing due to excessive cannabis consumption. 

Also, the fact that it’s technically impossible to overdose on cannabis, it naturally becomes a safer option. 

In fact, the fatality rate due to alcohol intoxication or usage is so high that death occurrence after over-drinking has been normalized. Of course, we have to also look into other aspects of cannabis and alcohol, but the fatality rate is one of the main reasons why people advocate cannabis use. 

Additionally, factors such as affordability and accessibility can also be taken into consideration. With the existing legalization issue, cannabis is not easily accessible. It is much easier to lay your hands on a bottle of alcohol than a potent strain. On the other hand, you can get alcohol at a cheaper price than cannabis. But that doesn’t mean alcohol does not come with negative effects. To be fair, both cannabis and alcohol have their fair share of negative effects. And this in itself raises a lot of questions. 

Marijuana’s Impact on Alcohol Use

It is quite evident from the usage of alcohol that cannabis is a much safer option. The potential dangers associated with regular alcohol usage perhaps forces people to choose a different option. In fact, people are becoming more aware of the therapeutic potentials of cannabis. Also, one of the major reasons why CBD and THC are so popular among adults. 

The only exception, in this case, is that in-depth research is required to understand the full potential of medical marijuana as a medicine. Many states have already accepted the medical value of cannabis and legalized marijuana. While others are a work in progress. Not only this but major states in the US reported a 15% drop in alcohol sales between 2006 and 2015. 

Another report conducted in 2017 revealed that alcohol sales have significantly decreased after states started legalizing medical cannabis. The report went on to say that states with a legal status apparently use less alcohol. And they think that cannabis is a safer and better option. 

Final Thoughts

While there are pieces of scientific evidence suggesting cannabis use as an alternative to pain medications, reduced rates of cardiovascular disease have also been reported in regular alcohol users. However, for those who look forward to avail of the medicinal advantages of marijuana, you should first consult a cannabis doctor and then get a medical cannabis card. Also, always keep in mind that marijuana research is still in its infancy. And the industry has a long path ahead of it before it finally enters the medicinal world.