Sitting with a document to work upon but your mind seems to ponder elsewhere? Lacking focus because you are wandering in the world of COVID-19 news?

With so much going on in all our lives, we cannot stop ourselves from thinking about this pandemic. It needs your attention but other aspects of your life need it too! You are compromising with your present situation, that’s for sure.

People are so frustrated because of their lack of focus that they are willing to try almost anything offered (without compromising their health obviously). In this article, I will tell you how cannabis, which was once ill-reputed and carried a negative stigma, helps in focusing on your work?

You should know that you have to go through 420 evaluations to get an MMJ card, and then can you get your cannabis. 

Along with “how”,  I will also let you in on some strains of cannabis to try to enhance your focus during this traumatizing coronavirus pandemic.

So, scroll up!

How Does Cannabis Enhance My Focus?

Think what do we need focus for? To have the utmost productivity in the task we are doing, right? 

Unfortunately, the current scenario has tied our hands and hampers our creativity as well as productivity in every task. You cannot skip on maximizing your efficiency (and minimizing fun for a little while). And cannabis can help you attain that!

With the correct strain and dosage, you can nail your focus. Andre Mack, founder of OLO, says that when the distracting elements like THC are removed, consumers tap into more productive flow, with reduced levels of anxiety.

Three terpenes you can look for in your cannabis bud terpene profile are- Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene. However, moderating your THC intake with CBD is the real key to stay focused.


What Are The Cannabis Strains That Help To Focus?


Now, as we covered how cannabis helps you focus, I think you should also know the strains that have proven to be efficient in enhancing focus. Cannabis strains come in three varieties- Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Know that each strain has its own chemical composition and hence has its unique effects on the consumer!

Here are some strains to choose from if you are ready to kick in your focus back.


Harlequin – Sativa


When you look for a strain to help you focus, this Sativa dominant strain cannot be overlooked. Its THC content is relatively low, however, it is bred to have a typical CBD: THC ratio ( of about 5:2). 

This impressive cannabis strain produces mid but uplifting high; as well as a feeling of calm and relaxation. Cannabis users use Harlequin for its standout qualities of letting the user focus during their day to day tasks.


Green Crack- Sativa


Originally named Cush, Green Crack is known for its notorious and intense energizing effect along with a strong cerebral high. 

It is a perfect strain to rely on if you are exhausted and experiencing fatigue. Plus, when you have plenty of things to do, this is beneficial. Green Crack excellently gifts its users a boost of energy, sharpened senses, and heightened focus. 

This strain is not for everyone and its name alone can put people off! Yet, it has benefits of inducing energy followed by a crash!


Zkittlez- Indica


Skittles or Skittlez- a multi-award winner and an Indica-dominant strain is well known to heighten alertness and focus on the user. Zkitllez has psychedelic effects and leaves consumers feeling happy, euphoric, and sharpened senses.

Zkittlez high tends to dissipate gradually and then the effects of Indica come in. The user feels more relaxed and sleep follows soon. Since it affects the sensory perception, it is advised to not overdo with this strain. 


Cinex- Sativa


Want a clear head with a smile on your face? Get yourself this Sativa dominant cannabis strain- Cinex. It perfectly brings uplifting and energizing effects on the user. Commonly used by people with mental ailments, like depression, because of its mood-enhancing properties. 

Its cerebral high makes you happy, euphoric and invigorated.

Cinex is famous among famous artists because it gets the creative juices flowing. It is the best option if you are struggling with fatigue or sluggishness or even feeling unmotivated.


Mother’s Helper- Hybrid


A perfectly balanced cannabis strain with an equal ratio of CBD and THC helps in numerous medical ailments. It is often a go-to strain for people with ADD or ADHD.

It is advised to consume a right dose of Mother’s Helper to avoid getting caught in a negative state. A little of this strain goes a long way- hence do not overindulge. You may feel more anxious and jittery if you overdo this strain. However, unlike any other cannabis strains, it can motivate and encourage you if consumed in the right dosage.