Cannabis Doctor

In the present time, marijuana is a raging topic. Whether it’s politics, healthcare or entertainment, marijuana ends up being a topic of discussion one way or another. So, it’s widely known that the herb has therapeutic properties and can be beneficial for pain, anxiety, depression and a few other medical conditions.

Now, this common knowledge may often end up with people desperate for a health solution to self-medicate. If you’re thinking about it, stop right now.

Like you would do in the case of any other medication, it’s crucial to visit a cannabis doctor if you are considering undergoing a medical marijuana treatment. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely not self-medicate with marijuana.

It’s Psychoactive

Unlike most pharmaceuticals, cannabis is psychoactive. One of its chemical components called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC interacts with the CB receptors of the brain and affects several body functions which is one of the many ways the herb helps deal with health problems. In simple words, it can affect your brain functions and result in the psychedelic feeling or high that everyone talks about. Generally, the psychoactive aspect or high is helpful to medical patients who need it and use it as per the instructions of a cannabis doctor, however, for those who are not experienced with the herb, the same high can turn into a nightmare.

It gets difficult to control one’s reflexes and the sense of perception and balance takes a back seat. Engaging in any intense activities that involve the use of such abilities can cause more harm than good.

It Has a Variety of Strains

Cannabis is not just one herb with one type. If you Google it, you can find more than 700 different types of strains.

Now, why do you need to know about strains?

That’s because each strain has a different composition. This difference is what changes the effectiveness of a strain. For instance, as per general knowledge, Indica has a sedative effect while Sativa is more uplifting. It’s not a hard and fast rule but that’s a more general way of looking at it.

Only a cannabis doctor can give you some idea of what kind of THC or CBD ratios you need to look for. They will evaluate your medical condition and symptoms and recommend a type that’s best suited for your needs. With that knowledge, you can ask a budtender of your nearest dispensary to give you a strain that best matches the description.

Cannabis Affects Everyone Differently

Medical cannabis is one herb that’s used for very different reasons by different people. Additionally, depending on the individual characteristics of a patient such as their metabolism, age, medical condition, tolerance level and any history of past use, can change the way the herb affects a person. And it’s not just the internal factors, external attributes such as the environment and mood can also change the way the herb hits a person.

For this reason, two different people can have different doses and also experience different effects on the body. While one may feel drowsy, the other may feel nothing at all.

So, how, when and how much you should use it can only be determined by a professional cannabis doctor. Otherwise, you are only relying on hit and trial to achieve the effects you desire.

It Has Side Effects

You may have heard that cannabis has medicinal properties. That’s probably why you think it can help you get better. But, that’s just one side of the coin. In addition to being therapeutic, cannabis also has side effects.

The most common side effects of the herb are red eyes, munchies and cottonmouth. While these are the more mild types of side effects, the unbearable ones can kick in if you aren’t careful about your dose. This includes headaches, brain fog, drowsiness and a hangover.

The only way to figure out the right dose of marijuana is by learning how to microdose in the correct way. A medical cannabis doctor has the knowledge and experience to let you know of the safe way to microdose. They can also help you learn the many tips and tricks that can help you deal with an uncontrollable high at home.

What Should You Do Instead?

Nowadays, a cannabis doctor is available at the tip of your fingers. Literally. You can connect with an online clinic and set up a consultation for a medical marijuana card through your phone. It takes no more than a few minutes to apply online and begin the process.
Simply register, fill a form, complete your consultation and get your recommendation. It’s that simple.

You are connected with one of the state doctors via video call who evaluates your medical condition as per the state laws to determine if you qualify for a medical card or not. During the evaluation process, you can ask relevant questions about medical marijuana, its side effects and the right strain for your health. The doctor will let you know everything about the best way to use marijuana and also how to be safe when using the same.

So, while recreational marijuana is legal, it’s never a good idea to self-medicate a health problem using the herb. Connect with a cannabis doctor online and get the proper treatment that you deserve.