Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, things changed tremendously, including the way cannabis is consumed. Now that the world is back on its pace, safety has become the utmost priority. While you are at your best defense with other aspects of your life, make sure that cannabis is not left out of it.

Millions of people across the globe use cannabis for medical reasons. And these people are also the ones who are most at risk of COVID-19 because of the already compromised immune systems. So prioritizing health and wellness, safety with cannabis cannot be taken lightly. This is why, today, the safety rules associated with cannabis have changed according to the current reality. But, don’t worry, these changes don’t have to reduce the efficiency of cannabis. So let’s learn about how to ensure safety from COVID-19 while using cannabis for its best effects.

Practice Social Distancing

COVID-19 has normalized several concepts and practices for us. One of them is the concept of social distancing. Since the onset of the pandemic, you may have heard a lot about practicing social distancing and maintaining at least six feet distance from other people. While this practice was fairly easy when everyone was on lockdown in their homes, now that the world is open again, you have to be extra careful in maintaining minimal contact with others. This idea is also applicable in the case of cannabis.

You cannot keep track of who has come in contact with whom. So the best way is to avoid any social activity while engaging in a cannabis session. For a long time now, cannabis has been a means of socializing. But considering the need for safety, this practice needs to stop for a while.

The first step is to avoid sharing. The etiquette of ‘puff, puff and pass’ has to take a back seat until we have a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s because it’s the easiest and most direct way of coming in contact with the virus. If you end up sharing with a person who is infected, the entire chain of smokers sharing a joint will get infected. So stay safe and avoid sharing your joint, stash or any cannabis accessories with others. The new way of being social with cannabis is by avoiding sharing and keeping a distance from everyone.

Buy From a Trusted Source Only

If you use cannabis as a medicine, it is very important to be sure that your product is safe for use. You may not have paid attention to this aspect before but now that we are living in an ongoing pandemic, the quality and safety of your cannabis matter more than ever.

There are many sellers in the market that claim to be selling the best product at the best price. But it’s for you to find out which seller actually delivers quality. One way to find this out is by checking the license. Every legal dispensary or online store is registered with the state government and has a valid license. So before you make a purchase, make sure that the seller has a valid license.

Do not run after cheap deals. There are several unregistered sources that promise cheaper prices for cannabis. But it is very likely that their product doesn’t match the quality standards set by the government. The products may contain a lot of non-usable parts of the plant like stems and leaves or are contaminated with mold or sugar. Using these products for a long time can be a health hazard. And at the moment, you cannot risk yourself catching other diseases. You can avoid all these risks by buying from a good dispensary or online store.

Follow a Proper Hygiene Protocol

Along with maintaining minimal contact with other people, keeping proper hygiene is the only way of ensuring safety from COVID-19. So, let’s learn about the important ways of maintaining hygiene while using medical cannabis.

One, wash your hands. I know you must have heard about the 20-second hand wash a thousand times by now. That’s because it’s a foolproof way of keeping the virus at bay. Before you roll a joint, grind a flower or consume an edible, wash your hands thoroughly. Along with keeping your hands clean, ensure the cleanliness of your cannabis gear too.

Medical cannabis consumers regularly use their glass pipes, bongs and other smoking gears. Continuous use of smoking gear makes these accessories a host of several germs and bacteria. Reusing such unhygienic rigs increases your risk of catching a disease and making your immune system weak. So your body isn’t strong enough to fight COVID-19, in case you catch it. The best option here is to stay safe and deep clean all your washable cannabis accessories.

Buy an EPA approved cleaning agent and clean all your glass pipes, smoking rigs and grinders. And make sure to do this as frequently as possible if you are a regular cannabis consumer. In addition to keeping your gear clean, ensure hygiene while storing cannabis as well. Keep your stash in an airtight container in a cool and dry place to avoid any growth of mold or degradation of potency.

Try Smokeless Delivery Methods

When the pandemic began, the most prominent information that gained prominence was the connection of smoking and COVID-19. According to the existing data collected by observational studies, smoking has been a common factor among people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 and have complications. And this data makes sense too. Since smoke from cannabis contains plant matter, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals, inhaling it irritates the air passage and weakens the respiratory system. Considering that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, risking its strength at the moment is not good news. It may lead to hospitalization and severe symptoms.

As a result, many people shifted from smoking to smokeless options like edibles, topicals, tinctures, patches etc. Since they involve no combustion or smoke, your respiratory system stays healthy and ready for a fight.

Use Telemedicine

With COVID-19 lurking in the streets looking for its next prey, there is no better place than home that will ensure your safety. So why step out of your front door to visit a doctor or get your medical cannabis card?

If you need to get yourself a medical card or get a renewal, visit a Medical Cannabis clinic in Roseville right from your home. Just get online to connect with a medical professional from your phone or laptop screens. It’s affordable, quick and safe. So, reach out to the clinic you can trust via telemedicine and find the solution to all your medical needs right from home.

We are currently living with a very contagious disease that doesn’t have a foolproof cure. The only way to make sure that you stay safe is to be at our best defense. So get all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but not the virus by following every safety measure that I have discussed above.