Medical Cannabis Card

Many people are hesitant to talk about medical cannabis with their health professionals. However, it is better to discuss with your doctor about this alternative method rather than living with chronic pain. 

If no prescription medication provides adequate relief from the chronic medical condition, you should definitely think about cannabis as a treatment strategy

Start with a one-on-one conversation with your healthcare professional to learn about the state’s medical cannabis program. And, don’t confuse between prescription and recommendation, as your 420 doctor can only recommend you medical cannabis

Here are some quick tips for talking to your doctor about medical cannabis to get the MMJ card.

Learn The Science Behind Cannabis

Before talking about getting the medical cannabis card to your doctor, you need to learn how medical cannabis affects our system. There are hundreds of specialized molecules — cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present it, known for several health benefits. Reading about it will give a fair idea of how cannabis produces psychoactive and euphoric effects and provides relief. 

The Methods of Consumption 

Inhalation, oral ingestion, and sublingual are some of the most common methods of cannabis consumption. So you need to learn about the pros and cons of medicating with cannabis to choose the best method to take the daily dose of this effective medicine. 

This is often the first piece of the puzzle after you get the medical cannabis card. The choice should be made considering the cannabis product, your preference, and desired experience. So learn about the different options available to choose the right consumption method.

Research On Your Condition

There’s a lot of unbiased content available online that you need to go through to find evidence of whether cannabis is a suitable treatment for your condition. While doing that you might come across some excellent questions that you should ask your doctor about medical cannabis as a treatment option. 

Though the medical community has been dismissive about this issue, you should not be embarrassed to talk about this to your doctor. They are ahead of us in knowledge about this condition and know how to have this medicine with caution. 

Talk About Reducing Dependency On Prescription Drugs

As cannabis has proven to be a more effective medicine than opioids, it can be your first treatment rather than the last resort. You should express your desire to switch to this method while talking to the doctor. 

Even studies revealed that people who start having medical cannabis took fewer medications. It is considered a great alternative for cutting down anti-inflammatories, anticonvulsants, over the counter pain relief, and various other medications. It can be used to treat several medical conditions while making the pain and other symptoms manageable. 

The Safety of Cannabis

Unlike prescription medications, medical cannabis is considered the safest substance for consumption. Owing to this it is legal in over 33 states for medical use and 11 for recreational. Till now, there is no case of lethal overdosage. More studies are being conducted to find the health effects of heavy cannabis use on patients of different ages. 

Respectfully Ask About The Process

Carry out a conversation with the doctor and then tactfully ask about the process. Not everyone accepts it, so talking about it will give an idea of the personal convictions, and then you can take the conversation ahead accordingly. And, don’t take this as a joke, you need to talk seriously with your doctor about this topic to take a fair decision. 

Don’t undermine yourself with unnecessary information, just ask the medical health professional all the questions you have in mind, to learn how this therapeutic medicine can make a difference in your life. 

Get a Second Opinion

If your healthcare professional doesn’t give you the recommendation or certification, you should go to another health professional for the same as not everyone is comfortable recommending medical cannabis. And, also research on laws surrounding cannabis, so you are informed about its usage in your state completely. In-depth understanding of your condition and its symptoms will give you a good understanding of your doctor’s response and approach.  

The Cannabis and CBD laws change from state to state, so thoroughly learn about the state laws to avoid getting in such a situation. Reviewing the laws will help you to decide whether it’s worth pursuing further or not. 

Talk with the Healthcare Professional Only

At times people make a decision because the doctor’s staff said something. You need to understand they are not the doctor and only the doctor can analyze your condition and advise something. 

Whether you’re considering this option for the first time or have some past experience with medical cannabis for treating your symptoms, you should only talk to a certified doctor for becoming a medical cannabis cardholder. They will guide you on every step and make the path smooth by answering all your concerns about getting this effective medicine for your condition. 

Above all, keep in mind that there are many patients exploring medical cannabis treatment for getting rid of certain conditions. 

So don’t feel shy to raise this topic with your doctor to benefit from this form of medication. And, it is a regulated drug to continuously protect the health and wellbeing of medical marijuana patients. 

If you are not familiar with the basics of the medical marijuana program of your state, the doctor will give you an idea of how marijuana impacts your condition and the process to get the MMJ card to legally buy medicinal marijuana from the state-certified dispensaries.