Medical Cannabis

Today, every other person is talking about the advantages and medical properties of medical marijuana. But while a large portion of the population enjoys the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, there’s also a percentage of people who did not find the relief they were looking for.

It is possible for medical cannabis to not work for you. And the reasons can be more than one. So, let’s discuss 6 main reasons why medical cannabis may not be working for you and some tips to turn it around.

You Did Not Consult a Professional

Did you start using medical cannabis without consulting a professional? If yes, then that’s your first mistake. It is important to consult a licensed doctor for a recommendation before using the herb medically.

There are a lot of important details that must be looked into before using medical cannabis for a specific health condition. Only a doctor has the knowledge and experience to point them out. Additionally, they can help you start in the best and safest way possible.

You can also use your doctor’s recommendation to apply for an MMIC card to enjoy certain advantages like tax exemptions, discounts, high possession limits and more. It’s an added benefit of consulting a professional for using medical marijuana.

You Don’t Know What to Expect

Most patients start consuming medical cannabis without realizing the effects they wish to see. Cannabis can be anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-anxiety, uplifting, antiemetic and more. But, without knowing what to expect, you will not be able to pinpoint the difference.

This is one of the reasons why consulting a doctor is the best way to understand your needs. They will evaluate your medical condition and determine if medical cannabis is the best option for you or not.

So, if you need to relieve your pain or physical discomfort, you’ll know exactly what to expect. And if the product doesn’t deliver the effects you desire, you can try moving on to the next steps.

You Are Not Dosing Properly

One of the most crucial steps that determine the effectiveness of medical cannabis is dosing. The amount you consume can decide whether or not you will get the relief you are looking for or not.

Dosing is very important and varies for different medical conditions. So, if someone is suffering from anxiety, the amount consumed may be lower than the amount consumed by a patient suffering from chronic pain.

So, if you didn’t experience any difference, try increasing the amount slowly. This process of increasing the dose slowly is a popular method called microdosing.

It’s not just important to feel the herb working but also necessary to ensure that you don’t overdose.

You Are Using a Low Quality Product

It’s very common for people to overlook the quality of the cannabis product when they fail to feel the effects. But, it’s true that a poor quality cannabis product can possibly be a reason why medical cannabis didn’t work for you.

Every cannabis product is the end result of a processed cannabis plant. But, simply turning the plant into a product will not render positive results. It’s necessary to use proper growing techniques, storage methods, production and extraction processes, etc. Each of these steps decide the quality and ultimately the efficacy of the product.

So, when buying medical cannabis products, make sure to read the labels. It’s important to have a good amount of CBD and THC content in the products for most benefits. Check the Certificate of Analysis, expiration date and ingredients of the product before buying it.

It Needs Time to Build Up in Your System

Medical cannabis doesn’t always work on the first try. In some cases, medical cannabis undergoes the first pass effect. This is the process where any cannabis product that is ingested by you, is metabolized by the digestive system to a point where it’s bioavailability is reduced to a great extent. Lower bioavailability means less absorption which will result in very mild or negligible effects.

So, if cannabis didn’t work for you, try using it again for a few weeks. Build it up in your system to reach the effects you wish to see.

You Are Not Using the Right Delivery Method

There are different ways to consume medical cannabis. But not all ways are best suited for everyone.

Smoking is one of the most common consumption methods. But, if you are not using the right inhaling technique, you might not feel the desired effects. Likewise for edibles, you may experience the first pass effect and not have any positive impact on your body.

So, when medical cannabis doesn’t work for you, try using different delivery methods. You can try sublingual, vape, edibles, etc. You can also try making your own edibles and begin trying dessert recipes at home.

The choice of delivery method can change the way you experience medical cannabis. There’s a method that best suits a person. Consult a professional to find the best delivery method for yourself.

Final Thoughts

If you thought that medical cannabis could be the solution to your health problems but it left you disappointed, now you have some idea of why it could’ve happened. Cannabis is just a plant but packed with chemicals, it needs to be used as per instructions to achieve the best results.

So, take your time to figure out which one of these could be the reason for cannabis not working for you and make the necessary changes to turn it around for yourself.