Cannabis Strains

Juggling with your house chores, office, children, and COVID-19 pandemic? Daily news and updates can really stress you out! But, here is a little getaway tip from all these stress and anxiety-inducing situations. 

If you are a cannabis user, then I am sure you are aware of cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

Studies prove that people who indulge in cannabis consumption are worry-free, happy, and living their life profoundly- and this is all you need amid this pandemic.

All you need is a suitable cannabis strain and your half job is done (consumption is the rest half). To get the strain of your choice, you need an MMJ card which will be given to you only after 420 evaluations.

Stay with me to explore the strains of cannabis for your stress or anxiety!

Grandaddy Purple

An Indica strain of cannabis that provides physical and mental relaxation. It is one of the best cannabis strains to combat stress and anxiety as it provides restfulness. This sweet grape flavored strain is favorite of most of the cannabis users.

Grandaddy Purple manages insomnia, physical pain, loss of appetite, and mental relief. This is why, after its intake, you will feel happy and sleepy. Yes, it probably gives you a couch-lock. Often, this couch-lock inducing trait is what makes Granddaddy Purple a great strain to deal with stress and anxiety.

Jack Herer

A Sativa based Hybrid strain of cannabis, Jack Herer, is all about balance. It is a pine flavored cannabis for people looking for creativity-inducing cannabis strains.

This hybrid is a perfect union of Sativa strain that helps in mental stimulation and Indica strain with tingling physical sensations.

Jack Herer makes you feel locked in on the thing you are doing while consuming it. This leads to creative thoughts and welcome relief from all your stress and anxiety. Those with constant nagging issues of stress will breathe fresh air after taking Jack Herer. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain with a slight citrusy taste, like lemon or lime. Due to its powerful dank smell, it may not be the first choice for those trying to use it discreetly.

Also known as Sour D, it is an ideal strain for experienced cannabis users. It has 26% THC content which rookies cannot handle. Probably, this is also the reason why it is one of the best cannabis strains for stress and anxiety.

As Sour D has energy-boosting properties, most people consume it in the morning for a kick start to their day. Enjoy its effects like mental stimulation, positivity, and mindfulness, along with laziness.

OG Kush

Og Kush, with a balanced composition and high THC levels, has a woody earthy flavor, and aroma has a hint of sour lemon. This is one of the high THC levels- cannabis strains. 

This strain leaves you relaxed and euphoric and hence considered one of the reliable strains for people turning to marijuana to combat stress.

Og Kush strain provides mental stimulation and hence your body feels a decent amount of heaviness. It’s reliability as an antidote for stress and anxiety, also helps in battling insomnia, migraines, and hyperactivity. 

Because of its energetic feelings, some use it during day time or early night time for its maximum effect.

White Widow

Cannabis users have relied on this strain since the mid 90s.  White Widow, a hybrid strain has high levels of THC. Its bud features a white, crystalish resin.

White Widow is recommended to be used in limited dosages (by the new cannabis users) due to its high THC levels. The users of this strain feel happy, euphoric, energized, and relaxed. Also, it induces talkativeness and an uplifting feeling which leads to enhanced creativity.

But, there is a little downside to this cannabis strain- its flavor- or say lack of flavor. This explains why often it is spun with other strains to produce tastier hybrid strains.

Girl Scout Cookies

Well known for relaxation and happiness, Girl Scout Cookies are minty and sweet in taste. Its aroma is described as slightly minty and skunky. If you are looking for a positive and uplifting feel, look no more!

It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. Therefore, it carries a balance of both Sativa and Indica effects. It brings a nice equilibrium between physical and mental stimulation. Plus, the feelings from this strain last longer than other strains. Hence, Girl Scout Cookies are of good value.

Many cannabis users consider it to be one of the best to relieve stress. Plus, it also helps you manage your physical pain and depression. Remember, it is a powerful strain, so a little can take you where you want to go.