MMJ Evaluation

So, you’ve finally decided to use cannabis to manage your medical condition? Great! And now, you want to apply for an MMJ card. Well, if you’ve done your research, you perhaps know that to get an MMJ card, you need to visit a doctor and pass your 420 evaluations. And no matter in which state you live, you just can’t skip this part.

Now, given the controversial status of cannabis, the government guidelines regarding it are rigorous. The process of getting an MMJ card is simple. Yet, there are strict criteria defining who gets the card and who doesn’t. And that’s what a doctor checks for you in your evaluations.

Sounds daunting, right?

Umm…it’s really not as much of an issue. Practically speaking, if you’re able to stand up on every criterion, you can get an MMJ card without any trouble. Yet, if you worried, here are a few simple tips to ensure your success.

Learn the Laws

Applying for 420 evaluations? The first thing you need to do is get familiar with the laws around marijuana in the state you live in. Keep in mind the herb is illegal federally still. And while various states allow the use of the herb, they have their own laws. Given this, it’s possible that you don’t have the right information. You need to learn about marijuana laws. And you while doing so, make sure the laws you are researching apply to the state where you are applying for your 420 recommendation.

Be Clear of Why You Are Applying

When you are going for your 420 evaluations, you should be clear of why you seek an MMJ card. An MMJ card, remember, isn’t for using cannabis recreationally. Only if you have a qualifying condition, you can pass your evaluations.

Do some research about your condition and how MMJ can help you with it. Having this knowledge can help you convince your doctor that you are serious about the medicinal use of cannabis only.

Be Polite But Persistent

While visiting a 420 doctor, you also need to be as polite as you can. Yes, they are serving you. But it’s also important to remember that they are the ones evaluating you. And if they find any behavior of rage in you, they can simply reject your application saying you are not mature enough to handle cannabis. So, stay polite.

But this doesn’t mean you should always say yes to whatever your doctor says. There is a chance of your doctor too being wrong. And if you have something to convey to him, don’t hesitate. Just do it calmly.

Keep All Important Documents With You

Having the right document during your 420 evaluations is extremely important. And you must not take it lightly. You should have everything you need to prove that you are eligible for an MMJ card.

Now, a lot of people ask what document they need to carry to their evaluations. Well, the answer is simple. In most cases, you’ll need only two things. First, a state-issued ID card to prove that you are a permanent resident of the state. And second, your health records to prove that you really have the condition you are applying for a cannabis card for. These include any medical certificates and prescriptions.

Avoid Talking About Recreational Use of Marijuana

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with just talking about recreational cannabis. But when you are having your 420 evaluations, you should still avoid it. A very simple reason for this is that your doctor may take it the wrong way.

See, no matter how much we deny it, there is still a stigma associated with cannabis. And there are doctors that are not much in favor of cannabis use, especially for recreational purposes. Given this, if you talk about it, they may think you are not very serious about marijuana’s medical-only use. This may easily become one of the reasons for your application getting rejected. So, be careful of what you say during your marijuana evaluations, especially if you are living in a medical-only state.