The winter is finally here! And by the time it ends, we’ll perhaps a lot to remember it by, for good or bad. The year 2020, as we know, has already been hard for us all. And, credits to this ongoing pandemic, we are bound to spend much more time indoors this winter season than usual.

So, what are you planning on doing during this time? Smoke marijuana?

If you, just like me, have plans of enjoying this winter season with your favorite cannabis strains, there is one piece of advice I must offer you- Don’t overdo it. Other than this, medical cannabis doctors have told a few ways to enjoy this COVID winter season with cannabis in the best way possible. Let’s take a quick look at them.


Stock Up Your Supplies in Advance

During this COVID winter season, the one thing you certainly don’t want happening is your marijuana supply to finish. Now, you don’t need to hoard anything, but it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a stock that may last you for some time. Obviously, during winters, going out to buy something is a lot of hassle. And this year, it’s even extra problematic, given the pandemic. So, medical cannabis doctors suggest you buy a supply of at least a couple of weeks when you visit a cannabis store next time. This way, you would be able to enjoy this holiday season without any stress and hassle.


Store Them Properly

You see, buying your marijuana stock is only a part of the whole thing here. You must keep in mind that when you have a good amount of cannabis in hand, you also need to store it properly. Do not store your cannabis in ziplock bags, as you usually get from the dispensary, otherwise, it may lose its stickiness.

Experts recommend you store your cannabis in an airtight mason jar. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Doing this will keep the quality of your cannabis intact so that you can enjoy the smell and taste of it in the best form.


Enjoy it in a Comfortable Space

Do you know the effects of consuming cannabis depend a lot on your set and setting? Medical cannabis doctors tell us that marijuana amplifies your current feelings. This means if you are happy, cannabis will make you feel happier. However, if you are already sad or uncomfortable, the herb can make it worse, which you perhaps would never want (least during the holiday season). Having said that, you must enjoy your cannabis in a place you are comfortable. Make sure you are with the right people and have everything that you may need, such as snacks, water, etc., in hand before you start your session. And as this is winter season, consume it in a nice, cozy space.


Get a Stock of Healthy Snacks

If you are an experienced marijuana user, you perhaps already know the importance of snacks while consuming the herb. But are you really ready to put an extra burden on your health, especially during the holidays, which are already too heavy on your waistline? No? Then make sure you get your hands on something healthy. Marijuana, you must understand, can boost your appetite significantly. And it’s extremely important to limit your junk intake.


Get an MMJ Card

If you are planning on enjoying this COVID winter season with cannabis and still not have an MMJ card, we suggest you get it as soon as possible. An MMJ card, trust us, can offer you several benefits. First of all, as you are planning on buying cannabis in bulk, an MMJ card may help you save a lot on it. Medical users get several extra discounts as compared to recreational users. Secondly, many cannabis dispensaries offer home delivery, especially to medical users. And finally, an MMJ card ensures you better product quality and range. As you can see, there are several benefits of having an MMJ card, especially during this time. So, apply for it soon.